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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is My Pillow Dictionary (MPD)?

A. My Pillow Dictionary is a free daily email service which provides you with one Chinese word a day to learn along with two sentences which demonstrate how to use it. Our aim is to give you words and sentences which can be used in real life.


Q. Is the only way to receive the daily Chinese word by email?

A. We offer alternatives on Twitter and Facebook. You can become a Follower on Twitter and then the daily word will appear in your timeline. On Facebook we have a page which once you Like it will post the daily word in your News Feed. On both Twitter and Facebook you can use all the regular features to share the daily word with your friends.


Q. Does My Pillow Dictionary cost me anything?

A. Nope. We’re very happy to offer you our daily email service for free. Signup here.


Q. Does My Pillow Dictionary use Mandarin or Cantonese?

A. We only use Mandarin, the main language used in the People’s Republic of China. Cantonese is used in Hong Kong and areas in south-east China, such as Guangdong.


Q. Does My Pillow Dictionary provide pinyin and characters (hanzi)?

A. Yes, we provide both pinyin and characters for all words featured in the daily email.


Q. Are the Chinese characters used simple or traditional?

A. We focus on teaching mainland Chinese Mandarin which uses simple characters. Traditional characters are used in Cantonese and in Taiwan.


Q. I don’t know any Chinese, is My Pillow Dictionary suitable for me?

A. The daily email will help introduce you to new words in a steady way. Every day you will be given a word with sentences which you can use in your daily life. If there are particular areas of your life you want to know vocabulary please do email us chinese@mypillowdictionary.com


Q. I’m studying Chinese at university, is this daily email worth my time?

A. Yes. It will give you another way to look at vocab and keep you fresh on words which aren’t necessarily part of your curriculum at the moment.


Q. Can I become fluent by receiving My Pillow Dictionary’s daily email?

A. The daily Chinese word email service is aimed to be an introduction for beginners or can be used as a supplement to more in depth learning of Mandarin Chinese.


Q. Why was My Pillow Dictionary (MPD) founded?

A. People talk about their frustration of balancing work and social life – but what about us who are trying to learn Chinese as well?!? Out of facing this challenge MPD was born. Learning Chinese wherever, whenever and for as long as we wanted to, is at the core of what we’re trying to achieve.