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My Pillow Dictionary has worked with several charities to help raise their profile. We do this, entirely for free, through a combination of banner adverts in our emails and reaching out to our Twitter followers to tell them about you. If you’re interested in seeing if we can help please do get in touch by emailing s@mypillowdictionary.com .

To see what can be done, please have a look at this sample email for The Library Project: SAMPLE EMAIL. To find out more about the great work The Library Project does in bringing libraries to rural areas of China (and now Vietnam) please visit their website.

You can also see what we did for Magic Breakfast where we themed the week’s words with their topic: SAMPLE EMAIL . Magic Breakfast are a UK based charity helping to make sure that children get their first meal of the day. Having breakfast has been proven to help children concentrate therefore doing better at school.

The Library Project  Magic  Breakfast