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Chinese Pronunciation – Finals

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Chinese Pronunciation  - Finals


Pinyin     Pronunciation

ai               y as in eye
an              an in can
ang           ang
ao              like “ao” in Tao
ei               like “ay” in pay
en              like “en” in broken
eng            like “ung” in sung
er               like “ur” in purse
ia                like ya
iang           yang
ie                like yay
iu                like the “ou” in you
ian             like yen
iao             like “eow” in meow
in               in
ing             ing
ong           like “ong” in kong
ou              like “oe” in toe
ua              like “ua” in guava
uan           like one
uang         like “ang” in wang
ui               like way
un              like “oon” in moon
uo              like “wo” as in wall
uai             like why

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